Regional groups

The increased number of members of the Studienvereinigung Kartellrecht, coupled with the members' significant interest in the working meetings, means that only a relatively small number of Studienvereinigung members are able to take part in the discussions. In April 2008, in order to give members (and, in particular, younger members) the opportunity to participate more actively, the general meeting of the Studienvereinigung –following a proposal of the board –decided to set up regional groups.

Menschen im Gespräch an Stehtischen

The events organised by these regional groups supplement the working meetings. In the Berlin, Brussels, Düsseldorf/Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Munich regions there are regular evening events, held approximately twice a year, with presentations on one or two topics. In addition to classical presentations, the events also involve presentations on recent decisions or workshops. A new regional group has also been established in London since July 2021.

The board of the Studienvereinigung has appointed the following members as regional coordinators:

Regional Coordinators


Peter Stauber
peter.stauber [at] (peter[dot]stauber[at]noerr[dot]com)

Oliver Fleischmann
oliver.fleischmann [at] (oliver[dot]fleischmann[at]wilmerhale[dot]com)


Vanessa van Weelden
Vanessa.VANWEELDEN [at] (Vanessa[dot]VANWEELDEN[at]freshfields[dot]com)

Gerhard Fussenegger
gerhard.fussenegger [at] (gerhard[dot]fussenegger[at]bpv-huegel[dot]com)


Anika Schürmann
Anika.Schuermann [at] (Anika[dot]Schuermann[at]bakermckenzie[dot]com)

Stephan Manuel Nagel
S.Nagel [at] (S[dot]Nagel[at]taylorwessing[dot]com)


Max Hauser
max.hauser [at] (max[dot]hauser[at]lw[dot]com)

Isabel Oest
Isabel.Oest [at] (Isabel[dot]Oest[at]commeo-law[dot]com)


Jana Dammann de Chapto
Jana.Dammann [at] (Jana[dot]Dammann[at]lw[dot]com)

René Galle
Rene.Galle [at] (Rene[dot]Galle[at]AllenOvery[dot]com)


Michael Engel
michael.engel [at] (michael[dot]engel[at]whitecase[dot]com)

Lisa Eger
Lisa.Eger [at] (Lisa[dot]Eger[at]hgcapital[dot]com)


Gordon Christian
gordon.christian [at] (gordon[dot]christian[at]siemens-energy[dot]com)

Sarah Blazek
sarah.blazek [at] (sarah[dot]blazek[at]noerr[dot]com)


Peter Giese
peter.giese [at] (peter[dot]giese[at]cms-hs[dot]com)

Donata Beck
Beck [at] (Beck[at]oppenlaender[dot]de)


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