Publications / Submissions

The Studienvereinigung Kartellrecht takes part in the international discussion on the development of competition law by making submissions on legislative proposals and draft regulations and notices.


The study on damages for competition law violations presented by Professors Inderst and Thomas in October 2014 ("Schadensersatz bei Kartellverstößen") was written in response to a call for proposals by the Studienvereinigung Kartellrecht. This topic was chosen  because it has now become standard practice for damages claims to be asserted in what are known as "follow-on" cases after the competition authorities have imposed fines. The work was presented to the public at a working meeting in 2014 (2nd edition 2018).

In 2001, the Studienvereinigung initiated and financially assisted an academic study on competition law and economics, "Kartellrecht und Ökonomie". Professors Schwalbe and Zimmer produced a joint study, which was presented to the public at a working meeting in 2005. The study was published in 2006 by Recht und Wirtschaft, followed by a second edition published in 2011. Oxford University Press published an English translation titled "Law and Economics in European Merger Control" in 2009 (3rd, revised and expanded edition 2021).


Here you will find all our opinions on any topic in the field of antitrust law.

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