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Promoting scholarship in the field of national, European and international competition law.

Purpose and functions

The aim of the Studienvereinigung is "promoting scholarship in the field of national, European and international competition law" in the German-speaking world. Membership of the association is open only to attorneys who work in the field of competition law, although since 2015, economists have been permitted to join as associated members. The Studienvereinigung Kartellrecht has approximately 1300 members in total.

Veranstaltungsraum von oben

The Studienvereinigung Kartellrecht sees the exchange of ideas between attorneys and the authorities (namely the European Commission, the Federal Cartel Office, the Austrian Federal Competition Authority and the Swiss Competition Commission) and the courts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg as a particularly effective means of promoting the development of competition law. In order to encourage such exchange of ideas, the Studienvereinigung holds working meetings several times a year in Bonn (Federal Cartel Office), Brussels (European Commission) or near the Federal Court of Justice or the European courts in Heidelberg, Luxembourg or Baden-Baden and in Berne, Geneva, Salzburg, Vienna or Zurich.

The working meetings are open to members of the Studienvereinigung and their guests. In addition, every two years the Studienvereinigung holds an International EU Competition Law Forum in Brussels, which is also open to registration by non-members. From time to time, the Studienvereinigung also organises joint conferences with other organisations.

In addition, the Studienvereinigung Kartellrecht takes part in discussions regarding the legislative proposals of European Competition Authorities, and often prepares submissions on such proposals. For example, it has made submissions on various legislative proposals of the European Commission. It also maintains relationships with the authorities and legislators in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


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